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Give Birth

Pastor Tanya Ward

September 2020

The enemy is not after you. The enemy is after the 3 major things

you possess. Testimony, Harvest, and Legacy. Each person

carries these 3 things and must birth them from the spirit realm

into the natural. The enemy is lurking and watching your every

move to ensure you don’t birth these 3 things. To birth means to

make an announcement and to have continuation. Don’t be so

easily distracted by your surroundings and miss birthing your

purpose this season.


David’s job was to tend to the sheep. While doing this a lion and a

bear waited until the sheep birthed the lamb. Notice, the lion and

the bear didn’t go after David or the sheep but attacked the lamb.

They attacked what was BIRTHED. The lamb represents to us

our Testimony, Harvest and Legacy. Without birthing these 3

things, then you just exist without purpose. The enemy doesn’t

care if you attend church, as long if you don’t birth. When you

birth, he will go after what was BIRTHED? Remember, the Lord is

with you and you shall prevail over the accuser.


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