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Go Forth

Pastor Tanya Ward

November 2020

People of God Arise with power and authority. The spirit of depression is at

an all-time high.

Guess what, there is another spirit that is on the loose, bringing dark cloud

over the earth, it is the spirit of anxiety. People are in panic mode!!! They

are perplexed in their mindset, so it brings about uncertainty.

Your battle is against anxiety, fear, panic, or a combination of all three.

Maybe you are not trusting God the way you should, or suffer from issues

with your faith?

Life gets in the way with dark valley experiences and potholes!!

Our youths especially are dealing with this as well. They do not understand

all of this. They are missing seeing their friends and they are hearing of so

much sickness and death.

Many have lost their dreams about their future. It’s time to start declaring to

the atmosphere and allow the glory of the Lord to arise in this day. We

were created for a time such as this.

Let me encourage you!!! GO FORTH!! The Lord shall arise!!

When we pray and wait; when we drop to our knees; then pray and wait

even longer; when God seems distant and uninterested in our plight, know

this...”” God is in our waiting! We may not always see evidence of him

while in the thick of it, but he is working behind the scenes on our behalf

and sees the whole picture in vivid color and finite detail.

Through Gods strength, grace, mercy and love, he provides deliverance

and victory from that which binds our faith and prevents spiritual growth.

It is your time says the Lord. The glory of the Lord shall be upon you and

be seen throughout you!!!

Go Forth!!!

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