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Keep It Moving Forward

Pastor Tanya Ward

August 2020

Hay There!!! Dust yourself off.  Don’t stay in the pit.  The pit was for a season.  Get up out the pit!!!

With what God has taught you through the pit, the experience shall allow a greater level of anointing on your life for the steps ahead. 

Many will try and keep you in the pit.  Just because you fell, don’t mean you can’t get up!! Do you hear me????  The fall may have been on purpose only to reposition you for something greater that’s ahead.  Don’t stop moving forward. 


You must continue to keep it moving forward.  Remember, going backwards is still movement, so don’t just move, but step forward.  After you’ve cried, step forward.  After the bills didn’t add up to what’s coming in the house, step forward.  After they left you, after they talked about you….step forward.  This is very critical in this season.  The enemy wants to keep you down and out so you won’t move according to your steps being ordered by the Lord.  Remember, he wants to stop you to mock God!  Keep it moving forward!

Be Blessed

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