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Pastor Tanya Ward

December 2020

This is the season to pursue. This is the time to birth dreams. The world is hurting, and they are looking for hope. Be the disciples so God can spread His love throughout the earth.

Before this can happen, you must make sure you keep your mind together. This is not the time to become lazy and dormant. This is not isolation away from God!!! It’s a time of refocusing so God can Reset and reveal greater opportunities through you. Put your mind to work!

“And it happened, when our enemies heard that it was known to us, and that God had brought their plot to nothing, that all of us returned to the wall, everyone to his work.”

Nehemiah 4:15 NKJV


Stop allowing the flesh to overtake the spirit.

Do not allow the enemy to wear you out. When your mind is dormant and unproductive that is when the enemy can stress you out. When you are constantly allowing the Holy Ghost to renew your mind, that is when you can produce fresh oil during a famine. The enemy then begins to tire out and retreats from his original plot against you.

Saints, Today, declare it shall be the enemy that is stressed out because of God revealing new ideas to birth through you!

Reset and let God invigorate you!

Reset and let God give you witty ideas!

Reset and let God give you creativity!!

Be blessed

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