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Visual Manifestation -No Matter What!

Pastor Tanya Ward

March 2020

No matter what your circumstances may be right now, the Lord

has great things ahead!

I believe that the enemy knows what he's up against and so he's fighting tooth and nail to stay on top of us.

His scheme is to spread a spirit of defeat and despondency, but I declare over all who feel depressed today Psalm 18:16: "He will reach down from Heaven, all the way from the sky to the

sea. He will reach down in your darkness to rescue you! He will

take you out of calamity and chaos and draw you to Himself,

taking you from the depths of your despair!"

Saints, "Pause in His presence.

Have a No Matter what moment!!!

God give you every desire of your heart and carry out every plan

as you go to battle. And when you succeed, and you SHALL

SUCCEED!! We will celebrate, Dance and shout for joy. It’ll seem

like your dreaming!! It’ll feel like your flying!! But Nah!! Victory is

yours! Yes, God will answer your prayers and we will praise Him!"

I’m gonna help you Praise Him!!!

God sends supernatural help from His sanctuary. God sends

support to you from Zion's fortress! God remembers every gift you

have given and sacrifice of love you have shown Him.

Beloved, even in times of loneliness, have a No Matter what


Someone’s life depends on your steadfastness!! Hold onto Gods

unchanging hand. It’ll be worth the trip!!!"

Be blessed!!

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