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Visual Manifestations

Pastor Tanya Ward

May 2020

As I write this morning my thoughts, I wanted to share.

When a young man dies unexpectedly, shock brings unspeakable


All crises rattle our senses. All unexpected heartache changes the course

of life. But all crises don’t need to be tragedies.

When my youngest son was murdered. The act was senseless. The

heartache deep. The change unbearable. But the freedom real. The

freedom that filled my heart after losing my son came in a gift box called —


I prayed and asked God to give me the wisdom to keep forgiving. To keep

remembering that you first forgave in me. To keep receiving your grace to

forgive the unforgivable.

I began to ask the Lord to help me not be BITTER!!! Give me tools that will

help me overcome every obstacle!!

God said to me Tanya!

1. Triumph comes when you choose to be victors rather than victims.

2. Blame gives power to pain.

3. Resentment repeats the aching of the wound.

4. Unforgiveness is the chain that keeps us bound.

5. Forgiveness is the choice that sets us free.

So, at almost a year of the death of my son, it still is difficult but, God!!!

Today I can say,

The wound and heartache I have suffered!

I have resolved pride won’t keep me from forgiving!!

I shall continue to live in freedom of forgiveness!!! Nothing shall

hinder me from getting to my Destiny!!!

Be blessed.

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