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You shall Abound

Pastor Tanya Ward

June 2020

During these times in which we live the Lord is looking to those who will give Him the glory. Yes, even in this God can get some glory. He wants to bless His children. He desires to provide for His children. As you get up today begin declaring out of your mouth harvest season over your region. Do it and do it by faith.


It’s time to allow your faith to arise. And also realize that faith without works is dead. This means you have to do something. Get off the sidelines and get into the game. Don’t be distracted from your assignment because of what you’re seeing on TV or hearing in the media. There’s going to be harvest that comes from these critical times. The Lord is looking for those who believe in His word for their lives. Are you the one? Be Blessed!!!

Tanya Ward Ministries Newsletter, July; Praise the LORD!”

If you can read this, then you owe God praise today. Even though there’s a lot happening around you and with you. You can deal with that in a few moments, but right now give God praise for allowing you to have breath in this day. Today was not promised to have you in it, but you’re here!

The scriptures didn’t say if you have healthy breathing or any of other type of breath, it just says let everything that has breath, praise the Lord. Before a complaint comes from your mouth today, give God praise. You don’t feel better, then praise God, you praise God then you’ll feel better. Start a chain reaction of praise right now. Ready, Set, Go! Praise the Lord!

Be blessed!!!

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