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Multigenerational Restoration

Pastor Tanya Ward

February 2021

When a generation does not comply with its God-given generational mandate, their failure creates a reproach that creates broken hearts.

There is no energy for completion of the mandate as well as a hardness of heart which prevents that generation, and those afterward, from entering the phases of their God-given mandate including their portion of the Promised Land. It is a reality that we all every generation have fallen short of His glory.

He is drawing us close to Himself, in an intimate connection, and giving us an affirmation of His covenant to our hearts. He is moving deep in our hearts what does not belong (places of corruption and idolatry and renewing what does. (Him and His covenant with promises).

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were able to build intentionally bigger and better each generation, because they each knew they were heirs of the same promise.

God is removing reproaches.

For the Greatest Generation – the removal of grief and sorrow.

For the Baby Boomers – the removal of regret and reproach.

For Generation X – the removal of dismissal and dishonor.

For Millennials – the removal of judgment and criticism.

Victorians I decree to you today:

God is restoring honor, respect, faith and understanding.

Multigenerational Restoration,

Be Blessed

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