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New Assignments

Pastor Tanya Ward

January 2021

We have to activate what is given to us by taking action; just like Elisha activated the mantle of Elijah by picking it up and trying it out. His first action was to strike the waters, as Elijah had shown him. When he did, the waters divided so Elisha could crossover from being an assistant to carrying a new, assignment.

God will bring new connections with people who can assist you. When you align, you will advance quickly.

Victorians, new assignment will carry new opportunities of influence and favor. You will be invited in situations to release God's strategy against the enemy's plans.

Victorians, bow down before the King and receive our assignments,

Decree & Declare!!!

I am willing and ready to receive and activate my assignment.

I will implement Your Kingdom Strategies.

I will alignment myself with all that God reveals.

I will use the influence and favor of God to thwart the plans of the enemy.

The times we are in require us to discern what is occurring, we must hear from God, and implement the blueprints given to us. We are thwarting the enemy's plans, and we are also moving with greater ability to defeat what the enemy released.

We have a new assignment. Let’s do what God assigned us to do! New Assignment!!!

Be blessed

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