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Power and Authority

Pastor Tanya Ward

April 2021

What are the keys that have been given to us? Well, we have literally

been given the authority to "shut" the doors of access to the devil on earth

and to "shut" the mouth of the accuser who tries to convince us of Hell's victory.

Bind up those evil spirits! Rebuke doubt and unbelief! Bind up the evil one who

oppress, depress, confuse, defeat and discourage! We have been given the keys

to loose the will of God on Earth.

The Lord opens our eyes to see our position and authority in Christ!

We are not called to live in fear, but in faith, knowing that God has already given us

His power. We are called to stand strong, knowing that our enemy has already been

defeated. Jesus our King is already victorious! God has already transported us from

the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light! We have the power to withstand the

power of the enemy!!!

Take a position!!! "Pray at all times on every occasion, in every season in the Spirit,

with all manner of prayer and entreaty. Keep alert and watch with strong purpose and

perseverance, interceding on behalf of all the saints God's chosen and consecrated people.

We must sound the alarm and awaken the Prayer warriors to never forget that we are

struggling against extremely deadly enemies! But God has not given us the spirit of fear

But of Power!!! We already have Power & Authority!!!

Be blessed.

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