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Pastor Tanya Ward

June 2021

It has always been God’s purpose for man to hear from heaven and then manifest here in the earth what they have heard. The issue is we have heard from heaven and now waiting on God to manifest here in the earth. Have we forgotten why we were created? We were created to have dominion here in the earth. In the current climate and time, we are living in its time for the church to arise and cause change. No more hearing and sitting. This could be why the delay in your life has extended longer than it was intended to be. God will begin to align things in your life when you become a doer of His word and purpose.

Time to take the mirror test. Before you get into starting your day, look in the mirror and ask the person you see the following question.....Are you fulfilling your purpose here in the earth that God has ordained for you to do? Or ask this question.... Do you even know what your purpose from God is? These 2 questions should spark a conversation with God. It’s your time to walk in purpose and not just exist. Take Action!!!

Be blessed

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