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See What I Do

Pastor Tanya Ward

May 2021

Carnal minds never want to admit they are wrong or that they do

not understand what is happening.

"My hand moves, and I show Myself strong in the earth to defend and preserve My people as I see fit, regardless of what the talking mouths may claim. What of the crisis of the day? The crisis will dissipate not according to a successful medical initiative or any failed efforts of bickering men to take credit or lay blame. See what I do!!! Hear Ye The Word Of The Lord!!!

The earth is Mine and all that is therein…

No-one shall take credit, for it will be breathtaking, unusual, and an entire deliverance according to a miraculous chain of events. You will not be a spectator!! I call you a participator and an initiator!!

Watch me do the miraculous, the unusual, and the unique, to establish My name and cause the nations of the earth to acknowledge My Kingdom!!

See what I do, as I bring you forward and establishes you as an adopter and a front-runner in these things, even in the season that lies ahead.

No one can disqualify you or exclude you!!

I have seen you in your troubles, and I am come down, causing the mountains to tremble as I bring you out of the waters of adversity!!! See what I do!!! The word of the Lord for the people of the Lord!!! See what I do!!

Be blessed.

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