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Break Out Of The Box

Pastor Tanya Ward

August 2022

So let me prophesy over you. I believe this year:

• You will break out of all religious and man-made limitations.

• You will break out of the mold and leave the status quo.

• Your voice will break out and be amplified.

• You will break out of the insecurities you have faced.

• You will break away from the yokes that have been placed on you and leave them behind.

• You will BREAK UP with the past ways and methods.

• Every treasure inside you will be revealed!

• You will BREAK INTO a new way of living and leave survival behind.

• You will get breakthrough in your direction, knowing where you are going and your assignment.

• You will break into a new level of creativity and innovation.

• The years of stale Christianity are over for you...the fulfilling adventure begins now.

• You will see the TANGIBLE and move past the theoretical, and see dreams BUILT.

• You will be OK with being different, "out of the box," and unique because it's time for the out-of-the-boxers to shine!

• You will break out and launch—and IT IS TIME!

I Say all of that to say this...get ready for a BREAKOUT year. It's time for the pioneers to arise unapologetically, for the reformers to step up and leave the cages that religion has tried to keep them in, and for us to step into the new thing and the harvest before us.

It's a year to see EVERY dormant and hidden gift you carry come out and make themselves known. You may have been:

• Barren • Silenced • Stifled • Squashed • Decommissioned • Contained • Disabled • Deferred in your hope

But now you are leaving where you have been! You cannot stay there anymore! So let's grow together in 2022. Break out the Box!

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