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Check Your Connection

Pastor Tanya Ward

May 2022

The Lord reminded me that we need to check our connection with Him to see if our strength is in Him.

Are we holding on to God above all else? Is our connection weak, or strong?

When you move into a beautiful new house, sometimes your internet connection goes in and out. When you talk on the phone, I miss words when someone calls and is speaking. I ask them to repeat things all the time.

Tanya Yvette Brown Ward, what are you saying???

If our connection with God is weak, we do not hear everything He wants to say to us. We do not always hear what He says correctly. If our signal is weak and we are not strongly connected, our timing is off, and we are not in sync with Him. Our decision making becomes difficult and we don't see things clearly in our life because our relationship with Him is not strong; we cannot feel the power of His might.

Victorians!! Saints and friends. Check your connection!!!!

When we are fully connected to Him our character and image become like Him. We respond to people better and have a good attitude.

We have hope for the future. Our outlook on life is positive and is reflected in our demeanor. Check your connection!!

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