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Covenant Relationships

Pastor Tanya Ward

April 2022

Covenant relationships are a solemn agreement to act in harmony together. They are marked by deep commitment, sacrificial love and service to one another. It looks like being a solid presence in someone's daily life, celebrating the joys and walking hand in hand through the hard times. Over time, a sacred bond and a deep security evolves from the commitment.

God is highlighting the need for covenant relationships during this time. It is significant and important for the world to see Believers in committed covenant relationships with one another.

During the pandemic when isolation and loneliness are rampant, and even suicides, the elderly dying from neglect, the need for lasting, true, authentic connections must be highlighted. God is bringing healing and redemption through these relationships that minister to your heart. He created us to live connected to one another; He created the family model, and these relationships are a prime example of what a healthy family looks like.

Jonathan and David made a covenant with one another. They committed their lives to one another, swearing friendship would triumph over any differences they might have, stating that even their families would be committed to one another after they were gone.

In our world today we don’t see that level of commitment that Jonathan and David had. But I want to admonish you that we need Covenant relationships. No man lives on an island by himself. We need one another.

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