Don't Get Frustrated!

Pastor Tanya Ward

June 2022


God Is Preparing You for Something Big!!! Big!!!! Big!!!!!

It is important that we don't get frustrated with the way things are around us.

We are in a time when our personal lives and the Body of Christ are in a Reset. There goes that word again!!

God is resetting us so that we are fully prepared for what is to come. It is not a time to allow yourself to wander away from God and His Word!!!

What is coming is so B.I.G. God wants you to prosper and be fully connected to Him.

All the new things that are coming he doesn’t want you to miss out.

Don’t get frustrated!!!

The devil has a network of forces working against us, but God tells us what to do by putting on His whole armor. Realize, the root of what is working against us helps us to stand strong in God's strength. He has provided His armor to protect us from all the "fiery darts" of the enemy. Don’t get frustrated!!