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Pastor Tanya Ward

October 2022

In the times in which we currently live, we must ensure that we are still encouraging others around us. I know many may say, “Well, I need to be encouraged and that is true”, but do not lose focus on knowing that there is someone doing far worse than what’s going on in your life right now. The enemy knows that we are ordained by God to encourage one another, so he has released an onslaught of people that have no intention on wanting to do better. They are merely there to dump on you. Take note, if you are the one everyone is coming to with questions, you need a new group. You also need to grow.

You need to be associated with those that build off you and you build off them. You should be able to reposition the person you are sharing with what God placed in you to speak over their lives. The key is they should also do the same to you. Stop being the smartest person in the room. Stop being the one everyone comes to for information. Build your environment that iron sharpens iron! So that you are not worn out in this season.

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