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Fighting For Freedom

Pastor Tanya Ward

March 2022

In our world today, fighting for freedom can look like discerning truth from lies, setting boundaries to have healthy relationships, or fighting against censorship.

God is bringing freedom to the captives and reminding people to think critically and to remember that He created us to be free. Our identity is rooted in freedom. To some, freedom can seem repulsive because it is so foreign to them. Control and manipulation through fear is much more widely accepted, predictable and easy to deal with.

This word is for people who are struggling to NOT control others or their situation, as well as for those that feel like they're being controlled. Ask God what it looks like to exchange the control in your life to trusting in Him. He will show you how to triumph over the fear of man and against the politically correct spirit. Freedom is ours, but it can be a journey to get there.

VICTORIANS!!! Decree & Declare:

1. God is bringing restoration through my relationships.

2. I'm getting my hopes up!

3. I am a powerful person.

4. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!

5. God is leading me into healthy wholeness.

I must Fight for my freedom. My life depends on it!!

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