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Freedom And Boundaries

Pastor Tanya Ward

February 2022

We are all powerful people, whether we realize it or not. We have authority over our lives and the actions and decisions we make have consequences. Only we know what we need and can do something about that by putting boundaries in our lives. Boundaries aren't meant to keep people out; they are meant to protect the connection we have in our relationships.

I grew up believing that it was rude to say no. I was taught that saying yes to everything was respectful and kept the peace. But, even Jesus had boundaries, and He modeled how boundaries contribute to healthy relationships throughout the gospels. Jesus accepted His personal limitations. He prioritized His personal needs and He sought support from His friends. He said no to inappropriate behavior abuse, manipulation, and pride, He had expectations for people in need, and He offered grace and truth according to the need. He set boundaries in guarding His personal prayer time by being honest and direct, valuing His priorities, seeking to please God, not man, and by obeying God.

God is highlighting the need for boundaries and how they are healthy and exist to protect our connections. He is giving us permission to create boundaries to help our relationships thrive. This word is for people that don't feel they have permission to set boundaries. You may feel like a doormat or like some people take advantage of you. You go through cycles in your life where you have breakdowns due to burnout. You constantly feel like what you're doing still isn't enough. If that true, this word is for you. Implementing good boundaries often looks like saying no. If you struggle to say no, this word is for you. What is your part? Research what Jesus did with His disciples and how He set boundaries with others. Ask God to show you what you need to do to help your relationships, including the one with yourself. You need freedom and boundaries!

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