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Shake if Off!!

Pastor Tanya Ward

November 2022

Don’t rebuke the enemies/snakes in your life prematurely. The snakebites will be confirmation that you are closer to your breakthrough than you think. Know that this is the time of your life where with all the pressure you are experiencing, it has purpose. Some of you have prayed for better and breakthrough and God used the pandemic and the pressure of these times to grant your prayer requests. Remember God orchestrates our breakthrough the way He desires for it to manifest. Therefore, He may be using snakebites to elevate you to the next level in your lives. Be ready and learn how to shake them off when the time calls for it to happen.

Notice that when Paul went to gather the provision God gave Him the viper came out and fastened onto his hand. This lets us know that there are vipers/snakes very near our provision God has stored up for us. Paul did not panic during this ordeal with the viper, he just shook him off. Be careful with who tries to fasten themselves to you. Many will wait around to see what happens to you, but know that God will cause you to suffer no harm! Give God praise for all He has provided during this pandemic and just shake off the plan of the enemy. You are not just a survivor, but you are more than a conqueror!

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