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Table Promises.

Pastor Tanya Ward

December 2022

This is the year of distractions. There are so many distractions out

here that’s causing many people to miss the promise God made

for them. We have been caught up trying to plot against those that

have plotted against us. Remember what the Lord said,

Vengeance is Mine! There’s no need for you to try and combat

against those coming against you. This is the season of table


Start declaring fresh oil in your life. Your oil shall be great in your

lives that it will cause overflow. People who are critical are those

who have the time to be critical. You don’t have time for that. Your

time shall be spent releasing the purpose God has placed in you.

Prophetically, I want you to focus on what God has prepared at

the table instead of your enemies. They will have to sit and watch

what God is going to do with you this season!

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